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halloween creepy clown

Every year kids ( and some of the parents...) walk the streets of Old Town Kemptville   trick or treating with local business who support the great event. This year aprox 400 kids got some of their halloween candy fill 

Great images can make your website standout

Over the summer in Ottawa, we  were happy to create some great content for  Get Webmax  to use for the upgrade of one of their clients website.  Great photography and video is a key part of any website. 

It helps to show your business to its full potential, why wouldn't you want to showcase it the best way you can

commercial portrait photography

Thinking its time to update your website or other marketing materials ? We would love to help. Contact us to discuss the details 



A quick preview of a 50th Anniversary family portrait session held in Ottawa on the weekend. 

ottawa family portrait

This year fall looks like it may be coming early... Book your family portrait sessions today!

Like many others ( hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people ) we went to find a Dragon in Ottawa. We went as a family, to see something cool with the kids that we will probably never have the chance to see.  Also a great photo opportunity right?   So here was the problem, three kids ( wife as well, but she can look after herself... ) ages 10, 8 and 6 in a huge crowd... Me with a heap of camera gear, trying to keep any eye on my kids while trting to get "the shot" What could go wrong!  

Am I the best parent , nope... But I do know that I can't be a professional photographer and a great parent at the same time, it just doesn't work. So what did I do, left the camera(s) at home.  All I took was my phone.  Below are two photos  from Friday night near the market, taken with my cell phone. Technically they are horrible - blurry, not in focus, noisy, I  really don't have anything good to say about them  as a photographer. But as a parent, I love them!  It shows an 8yr old having a great time, enjoying  some really cool robots. Mission accomplished.

So why show them here? That's a good question. I'm going to guess that a lot of people are in the same boat - great experience , great memories and average photos to show for it.  When you use a professional photographer for family portraits or even dragon hunting , all you have to worry about is your family and having fun. We take care of the rest, you can relax just have fun. We can positon ourselves to get the best photos, we have the right gear for the job. Leaving you to have some great family time and create some memories, leave the capturing the memories to us.

Want to not only create great memories with your family, but to have some great photos to remember them by ? Contact us and let us be your Ottawa Photographer​

Seeya Steve

*disclaimer - as you can tell, I am not a writer or do I claim to be one, if you need someone to turn your ramblings like the above into a well written piece.. I suggest the services of a professional writer, such as Erika at ​the James Street Writing Company

Ottawa Family portrait photographer

candid portrait kid river outdoors

It can be the simple moments like this that create moments that are worth capturing.   

Let us help you capture those memories before they grow up (  you don't think it will happen fast, but one day they are playing with a stick by the river - the next they are asking for the keys to the car! )​