Why the photos you take aren’t always perfect ( and sometimes they don’t have to be)

Like many others ( hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people ) we went to find a Dragon in Ottawa. We went as a family, to see something cool with the kids that we will probably never have the chance to see.  Also a great photo opportunity right?   So here was the problem, three…

They didn’t hesitate to throw the snowballs at me

Normally you cant throw snowballs at the guy with a camera…  Let’s just say they jumped at the opportunity!     Don’t let winter get in the way of your next Family Portrait, snow can make things a little more interesting! Seeya Steve

kid make beleive dressup

Sometimes all you need is a little imagination

Ottawa Children Family Portrait Photographer   Sometimes all you need for a great kids portrait is a kid with a great imagination …     Someone in your family have a great imagination?  Want to capture that and capture a great memory ?   Contact  Barking Monkey Studio today to set it up   Seeya…

Sandbanks Beach Childrens Portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer Whirlwind visit to Sandbanks for a quick family reunion..  I managed to convince him to sit still for about 3o seconds…     Looking for a new family portrait ? Contact us today Check out our post on how we do  our Ottawa Family Photo sessions Seeya Steve

Why every family needs a professional portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer Think of the sheer volume of photos you can take every day on your cell phone or digital camera. You’re capturing more than family trips and quiet moments at home – you’re capturing time. Watching your little ones grow before your eyes. Creating a record that will be cherished for generations….

Ottawa Family Photographer – Childrens Portrait

Their photos are different as they get older..  Capturing your family’s special moments in photos as they grow is priceless. You can’t turn back time…   Once a year , twice a year .. regular portrait sessions done by a professional photographer gives you memories you will cherish for a lifetime ( not only yours…

Ottawa Family Portraits

  What can I say, the bow tie was all his idea !  I’m nowhere near that stylish !   I don’t know about you but  I’d be happy if my kids school photos looked like this!  Yes, he might need a little hair cut but he wants to grow it longer..   Want some…