kid make beleive dressup

Sometimes all you need is a little imagination

Ottawa Children Family Portrait Photographer   Sometimes all you need for a great kids portrait is a kid with a great imagination …     Someone in your family have a great imagination?  Want to capture that and capture a great memory ?   Contact  Barking Monkey Studio today to set it up   Seeya…

Sandbanks Beach Childrens Portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer Whirlwind visit to Sandbanks for a quick family reunion..  I managed to convince him to sit still for about 3o seconds…     Looking for a new family portrait ? Contact us today Check out our post on how we do  our Ottawa Family Photo sessions Seeya Steve

Unposed Portraits – Ottawa Photographer

Unposed portraits, the casual relaxed  unplanned photos … Whether it’s ” Hey look at me” or a more ” fly on the wall ” style they are a great way to capture the ” real ” them. People relaxed and being themselves.     Sound like a great way to capture your family’s personality and…