Why a Professional Headshot Matters

Ottawa Headshots

Here’s a question I get a lot: What’s the point of hiring a professional photographer for a headshot to promote my business?

Fair question.  Usually I let my work do the talking and do a side-by-side comparison of one of my photos next to a selfie but today, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of it.

Since we’re asking questions, here’s one for you: how do you feel after a haircut?  One of those days where your clothes feel just right, you’ve had enough sleep and you’re ready to take on the day.  You feel pretty good, right?

A professional headshot gives your business the same kind of boost.  Your customers see the best You.  The You who’s ready to serve them and provide great value.  The You who doesn’t cut corners when it comes to your business.  When looking at your photo, your customers will understand that you won’t cut corners with them either.  And that’s before they even meet you!

When I approach a photo session, my goal is to bring out your personality.  That could mean capturing your sense of humour, the character in your face, or the twinkle in your eyes.  It’s about getting the right angle of the face, shedding just the right amount of light, and gentle reminders not to cross your arms (FYI: unless you want to look like Popeye, don’t cross your arms in a photo…just sayin’).

Yes, you can take your own photos.  Your friend could do it and even the guy who takes passport photos could take a crack at it.  But they won’t be able to make you look as good as I can.  As much as your friend might love you, they can’t take the shine off your forehead.  And the passport guy definitely won’t let you smile!

You might of noticed I prefer plain, simple backgrounds. These types of backgrounds keep the viewers attention focused on the person, without being distracted by the background. After all, a headshot is about the person. Not the background. Want a bit more texture and detail in your headshot? Not a problem!







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