Marketing and SEO

Marketing and SEO  ( Search engine Optimization)

Just got back from an interesting meeting with a client in Kemptville about making some videos to help them with their seo and marketing campaign out of their kemptville office.

While I will never claim to be either an seo or marketing expert - I've learnt a thing or two during my time running a photography and video business.  The biggest thing I hear is that someone has told them that "Marketing is not trial and error". That has got to be the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. Marketing is all about research, planning, great ideas and testing those ideas - test and measure - split A/B testing whatever you want to call it.  If someone had the "golden egg" of marketing they would be rich.

 If someone promises you the earth, make sure that they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and offer you a refund if they can't deliver - I bet none will.

We are happy to offer some free advice to our clients - zero guarantees, no promises..   We are just happy to help our clients with some ideas on how to use the photo or video content we create for them to help them in there marketing.   If our ideas work just buy me a coffee * or a beer 🙂  Need some advice from a marketing professional ? Id be happy to recommend  a couple of people 

Have a great weekend!



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