Guest Blog Post – Ottawa Headshot Testimonial

Why a great headshot matters and why you should use Barking Monkey Studio for your next headshot

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As a new entrepreneur, you often wonder how you will stand out from the white noise that surrounds you. There are so many businesses and advertisements for various products and services that it can be overwhelming thinking about how you’re going to stand out from the rest.

Being that my business,
Look Forward Media, is a Marketing Agency for small and medium sized businesses, it is important that I put my best foot forward in representing myself. One of the most common oversights in creating a sense of authority for your brand is the power a headshot can have. 

A great business headshot not only will give you authority, but also help create a first impression for your business when potential clients view your website. With that first impression, a client will determine whether or not they feel you are someone they wish to do business with. If you can’t capture their attention in the first few minutes of them viewing your website, you’ve lost them as a client.

With the right headshot, you can captivate your clients and portray the right message to them. In one look, you can be professional, knowledgeable, fun and approachable. Keep in mind, not all business professionals require a serious, typical headshot. If your business involves having fun, being different or even being goofy, then make sure your headshot is reflected properly.

You also want to know what type of headshot you should get that will capture and promote your business effectively. You also want to make sure that you have the right photographer for the job. You want one that has an eye for detail and has experience in the industry. A great photographer will be able to relax even the most nervous client.

My experience with Barking Monkey Studio, touched on all of these things. Steve was very professional and knowledgeable regarding headshots. I couldn’t decide between a smiling headshot or one with a more serious, smirking smile. After he provided his insight and experience, I was able to decide which style I felt suited my business and my personality best.
Steve not only helps you relax in front of the camera, but he is great at helping you make decisions. Too often, we are too critical about ourselves and can never seem to be satisfied with photographs. Any time I was stuck on which photo to choose, he always had a great question to ask that made me think of things differently and made my choices much easier and more clear.

Because of his great service and his experience, I was able to confidently pose for my business headshot. Since then, I have received nothing but compliments from family, friends and collegues. I highly recommend Barking Monkey Studio for any of your business photography and videography needs. His friendly and professional approach allows you to place confidence in his work. Try him out, you won’t be disappointed. Contact Barking Monkey Studio for your next headshot 


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