Why I don’t do family mini sessions – Ottawa Family Portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Mini Sessions

On the surface they sound like a great idea and for many they are great.

15 min,a couple of edited photos and about $100.  Perfect right!

Not always…  I don’t know about you,  but I know first hand that timing  is everything with kids!

Even as a professional family portrait photographer if my kids don’t want to smile they won’t!  Sometimes it takes a little gentle persuasion  ( or sometimes flat out bribery J )  to get them to be Cooperative…

Putting a 15min time frame on your family portrait session puts the kids under pressure and you as the parents under a little bit of stress.  You quite often end up with a family portrait with not happy kids,  angry parents as the kids aren’t cooperating…  you get the idea..   Not to mention that you have almost  had happy smiling kids ( yes we can get ice cream on the way home,  just smile will you..)  and you had to end the session as the next family is waiting for their session.

Now I’m not saying this is always the case,  but I have seen it often enough.   What’s the point in  getting a family portrait done if you didn’t have fun doing it!

ottawa family portrait


When you book your Ottawa Family Portrait session with Styvesphotos there isn’t a hard deadline that has to be made,  an extra ten minutes? Not a problem!  It makes for a much more enjoyable portrait session,  kids can be kids,  mum and dad can relax as there isn’t any pressure.


Also with a day full of mini portrait sessions you aren’t always able to get the time slot that works for you..   Photographing your child at nap time almost never ends well!


Light is everything when it comes to photography,  without it..  it’s just an image of darkness!

When your shooting natural light portraits,  there is definitely a right and wrong time to book your portrait session..  Ever heard of the  “golden hour” ?  –  an hour ( ish)  either side of sunset or sunrise is usually the best time.  There are always exceptions to this rule ( cloudy days are actually great for portrait sessions).  Also by using portable lighting  equipment  ( which we use frequently)  you can make almost any natural light situation work,  or even just to give your family portrait / individual portrait a nice boost.

So…  decided on  one of Green Monkey Studio’s full Ottawa Family Portrait sessions ? Contact us to set it up!


Not sure if you want a “natural light” portrait session or one where we use lighting gear?  Call us / email us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Not sure a family portrait session Is for you,  check out an earlier post on why family portraits are important






BTW – portrait sessions are also held in the North Grenville / Kemptville area, Perth, Brockville , Cornwall…

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