Cold Weather Photography Tips

Cold weather is here and that calls for a few special precautions when out with your camera, whether you’re photographing family portraits, landscape photography, street photography or exterior photography. Don’t be afraid of taking your camera gear out when it’s cold, a few precautions and you can still get out there and take photos.


*yes I was lazy and recylced this photo from a previous post 😀



The #1 rule that I have is this – once a camera body or lens is out in the cold temperature, it doesn’t come back into a warm environment unless it’s in a plastic bag that can be sealed. Whether it’s individual pieces of equipment or my entire camera bag inside a large garbage bag.  This includes a warm car, house or other building.  It’s the easiest way to try and prevent condensation from forming on and inside your camera gear. Moisture on the inside of a lens element isn’t a good thing  ( been there, done that, got the repair bill from Nikon!)

Make sure you take your memory card(s) out first, otherwise you will be left staring at your camera bag waiting for it to warm up  so you can download your photos

Battery life can be a huge issue, and the cold will suck the life out of your batteries. Keep them in a warm spot; inside your coat works great! I’ve also stuck hand warmers over the battery compartment of my camera. Also having a spare or two doesn’t hurt

When things get cold, they break easy! Be gentle with your gear and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Obviously, things can always go wrong in different circumstances, and by doing the above, I can’t guarantee that you won’t break something(that’s the disclaimer right there <—-) But,  to give you an idea  I have had my gear out in minus 35 deg Celsius  for a good ten hours ( I was photographing cars so I didn’t have to worry about the subjects keeping warm) and didn’t have any issues, I went through a lot of batteries and a lot of hand warmers though!

If you don’t want to take your camera out this winter for some DIY family portraits, are  Ottawa and the surrounding area (we aren’t scared of driving to get to a shoot) and are looking for a Professional Photographer  who doesn’t mind taking their camera gear out in the cold  – give us a call, we’d love to capture your portraits this winter !




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