Sandbanks Beach Childrens Portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer Whirlwind visit to Sandbanks for a quick family reunion..  I managed to convince him to sit still for about 3o seconds…     Looking for a new family portrait ? Contact us today Check out our post on how we do  our Ottawa Family Photo sessions Seeya Steve

Why I don’t do family mini sessions – Ottawa Family Portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Mini Sessions On the surface they sound like a great idea and for many they are great. 15 min,a couple of edited photos and about $100.  Perfect right! Not always…  I don’t know about you,  but I know first hand that timing  is everything with kids! Even as a professional family portrait…

Location Scouting Ottawa Family Portrait

  Ottawa Family Portraits Location scouting with my trusty assistant… I think he was trying to bend a spoon with his mind. We found some good spots !   Looking for a family portrait in the Ottawa and surrounding areas?  Contact us today ( assistants count as people , right ?)   Seeya Steve

Why every family needs a professional portrait

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer Think of the sheer volume of photos you can take every day on your cell phone or digital camera. You’re capturing more than family trips and quiet moments at home – you’re capturing time. Watching your little ones grow before your eyes. Creating a record that will be cherished for generations….