Capturing memories, why wouldn’t you

Family Portraits it’s about the memories

Memories aren’t made with photos, but are captured for generations to come by them

Family photos ( and I’m going to lump family portraits, children’s portraits, couples portraits, extended family portraits and even pet portraits into the one category for today) aren’t about creating memories; they are about capturing them for you and generations to come.

Below is a recent photo from a family vacation to Portugal last year.  My two sons walking along the path beside the beach pretending to be superheroes – their swim shirts acting as capes.  This is just one photo from a bunch that were taken as they were saving the world from something..


children beach super hero portrait memory


While it’s great to look at it now as a reminder of what my two goofballs the dynamic duo get up to, that’s not the best part. The really great part is that when they are grown up and have kids of their own and have most likely forgotten all about them saving the world that day at the beach, this photo will instantly remind them of that moment at the beach, saving the world from certain destruction.


Don’t  believe me? Fair enough…

Below is an old photo taken of me when I was a kid.  I hadn’t thought about that day in a long time ( it was 36 years ago, give or take )





That’s me in the middle ( can you tell when I grew up based on the haircuts and clothing)

The girl camera left – her name is Kim, the man to the right is “Mr Carter” and he is giving us snakes ( like gummy worms, but snakes…) after we had just completed a three-legged race… I’m pretty sure we won – 36 years ago not everyone won a prize!

Seeing the photo brought it all back, and that’s just a three-legged race at a picnic – what about be able to remember really special moments that you might of forgotten, or your kids / grandkids /whoever seeing it for the first time, and in my case them saying “ hey dad you used to have hair what happened”

Memories aren’t made by taking a photo, but it sure helps you remember and share them once you have forgotten them.

Want to capture some of your own memories with some great looking professional photos ?

Contact Barking Monkey Studio and let us be your family portrait photographer. I’m not suggesting you get us to capture a three legged race ( but we would if you wanted is too, who doesnt like a three legged race). Whether is a posed family portrait, candid shots or even a ” day in the life of”   portrait session its worth doing!

Want another reason to hire a professional photographer ?  check out our earlier post about Ottawa Family  Portrait Photographers





BTW here is my PSA for the day!  Everyone has a cell phone, its easy to fall into the trap of taking all your photos with one. How many of you backup your photos from your cell phone? And no Facebook isn’t a backup…..  Ever had a“bricked” mobile device? I have, luckily I practice what I preached and had downloaded them.  Now with automatic cloud based backups there  isn’t an excuse to not do it

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