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Why the image of Garlic for this post? Well, this post is going to be like Garlic – some people will like it some people wil hate it…


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Will Professional Photography make your business money? On its own most likely not, but as a key component combined with components from other professional services it definitely can.

Professional photography, along with professional video  – whether it’s headshots, business portraits, group portraits, environmental portraits, video for social media, promotional videos, educational video – they all play a key part in any marketing, advertising or branding  strategy.

That’s my “thing” at Barking Monkey Studio, the rest of the components aren’t my area of expertise – marketing, advertising, graphic design, search engine optimisation “SEO”, professional writer.”

Do I know anything about those other key parts – I do, just enough to be dangerous – that’s why I won’t be personally creating  any of those things at Barking Monkey Studio.

Too many photographers offer services in other fields that they aren’t qualified in ( or even good at..)

There are  photographers in the Ottawa area who claim to be seo experts… Google Ottawa Photographer – you won’t find them in top spot or even on the first page

There are photographers in the Ottawa area who claim to be branding experts…

There are photographers in the Ottawa area who claim to be able help you with your marketing plan….

There are photographers in the Ottawa area who claim to be graphic designers ….


And  today it’s really p#%%@d me off!

And my post has probably done the same to others, but I think I can safely say that the people who are annoyed by this post are probably guilty of “moonlighting” as professionals that they arent…

But, if  this post stops one person from using a pro that isn’t a pro and wasting their time and money (and both of those can be in short supply if you are running a business) then the “Flak” is worth it

‘ Jack of all Trades, Master of none…”

What Barking Monkey Studio does offer is access to all those other professions, each adding our own little piece of the puzzle to help your business grow.  Skilled professionals each bringing their skills to the table will consistently produce greater results for your project.  Need a graphic designer? Need a professional writer?  Need to up your SEO? Need a Marketing or Advertising genius ? Barking Monkey Studio can help with that – but it won’t be me wearing anything but the photo or video guy hat..

Allready have a marketing and advertising plan but need some professional ” good looking ” images or video to give it some visual punch  – I can help. That’s me, thats what I do

Don’t have a clue where to start? Barking Monkey Studio can help you – drawing from the  people we know who are great at what they do, it gives us the ability to pick the best people on our team for each and every job. Providing you with the best bang for your buck


“Rant Over”

Thanks for reading

BTW  this blog post is a perfect example of why I will never make it as a professional writer… but I’m ok with that, and as long as I don’t try and sell myself as one! Hopefully you are as well..

Agree ? Disagree? feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments







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